Posted by: Elizabeth E. Hand, MS, RN | July 7, 2011

My Mentor

My Mentor is Rosalinda Alfaro-Lefevre aka Roz Alfaro ( She inspires me with her ability to take difficult concepts break them down into manageable chunks and do so without boring me to tears. I met Roz almost 10 years ago while still in Graduate school. I traveled with a friend to a critical thinking in nursing conference and Roz was speaking. Roz took the concept in a way no one I had heard had done before – actually take from the fuzzy theoretical concepts to the practical and applicable real world of nursing care. Hurrah for Roz! I wanted to get to know this person! I introduced myself and we hit it off. After the break for the conference we came back into the room and these tiny little toy men were balancing on our desks on metal wires and rocking back and forth – it was hilarious – everyone had one in front of them all rocking different ways! Too funny! It was Roz’s gift to us – right then I knew she was my kind of person. Serious about making a concept understandable, but not too serious to have a little fun while teaching. After the conference we kept in touch by email. She agreed to mentor me and my writing and helped me publish my first article. She is honest with me, gives constructive criticism, support and encouragement and of course that priceless humor. I wouldn’t be the nurse I am today without Roz and for that I am eternally grateful.

Posted by: Elizabeth E. Hand, MS, RN | July 7, 2011

Hand on Nursing’s Mission

My mission with Hand-on-Nursing is to bring clinically relevant and evidence-based practice issues to nursing students and nurses and also to share this work with other nurse educators. To further this passion I founded Hand-on-Nursing, PLLC consulting and created the Tools for the Nursing Toolbox┬«. Most nurses stuff their pockets with things they think are essential for their specialty area. Each nurse knows what will get them through the shift. It differs from nurse to nurse, but some things everyone need in their toolbox. Good critical thinking skills, effective technical skills, interpersonal skills, a positive attitude, and solid theoretical knowledge base and experience. Critical thinking is one tool for the nursing toolbox which I am passionate about making practical and applicable to every nurse’s practice.

Posted by: Elizabeth E. Hand, MS, RN | July 6, 2011

Welcome to Hand on Nursing

Hello and welcome
I will be writing about nursing and education and occasionally about volunteering. I hope you will visit my little corner of the world. I recently held a Nursing Seminar about Nurse Preceptors and will write about that topic and others. I am a nurse consultant and inspirational speaker and fly the flag high for excellence in nursing.
Elizabeth E. Hand, MS, RN

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